Door Accessories


Ember/Vermin Seals
These specially made aluminium extrusions and brushes are designed for that added protection to keep out fire embers and vermin.

Door Opener Accessories


Incorporates safety beam sensors that sense an obstruction and stop the door closing before impact. This system is strongly recommended for added safety and is ideal for families with young children.



Wireless Keypad
Mounts to the the outsdie wall and enables you to open your door when you enter a 4 digit security code



Motion Detecting Control Panel
Provides time, temperature and remote programming. Can lock out all remotes when away on holidays.



Fingerprint Keyless Entry System
Unique fingerprint sensor technology activates your garage door opener quickly and safely. Up to 10 registered users can activate the opener.
Great for families with children and seniors



Manual Key Release
In the event of a power failure you can simply activate the manual release to open your garage door.